Mugwort Essence Patch


轻养生 新美学

产品规格:10贴/盒 立即选购


Aiaitie Mugwort Essence Patch 
Light health nurturing new aesthetics 

Product specification: 10 patches & 10 vials / box

The core ingredients of Aiaitie mugwort essence patch are taken from the authentic herb mugwort, combined with saffron, solanum, ginger, camphor, sweet almond, grape seeds and more than a dozen plant extracts, multiple plant healing power, herbal extracts to activate body functions.

The shape of the ergonomic plum blossom design, simulating the principle of moxibustion heat utility, with the self-heating technology, 4h+ continuous constant temperature heating, inducing deep herbal essence, directly to the meridians, release the effectiveness.

It takes just simply 3 steps- take, drop and paste, to achieve a health nurturing moxibustion experience.