Stick on Moxa


深调理 随身灸

产品规格:惠民装64粒/盒 立即选购


Aiaitie Stick on Moxa
Deep conditioning, portable moxibustion

Product Specification: 64 pieces/box

The moxibustion device is developed from traditional suspension moxibustion, based on the machanism of traditional moxibustion, it innovates the moxibustion method and expands the use scenario of moxibustion, from health center to office and home. This product can achieve independent moxibustion in just 10 minutes, which meets the fast-paced health care needs of modern people.

The moxibustion cone adopts the original backflow incense design, safe and anti-scalding, moxa grain flames upward, moxa smoke and heat downward, the heat generated when burning directly backflow penetration into the skin, lasting effect on the meridians, fire balanced, strong penetration, moxibustion feeling more full.The moxa stick is made of high quality gold velvet extracted from 3 years aged mugwort. The moxa smoke is light white, fragrant and mild, less smoke and not choking.

Instead of the traditional hand-held moxibustion, this innovative product has “liberated”you hand and just by following the four-step, Fold, Detach, Light and Stick you can enjoy the marvelous moxibustion experience anytime and anywhere.