Aiaitie Mugwort Hydrosol


天然草本 温润补水 健康润养

产品规格:喷瓶瓶装40ml*1(小奶瓶)+袋装补充装30ml*3,共130ml 立即选购


Aiaitie Mugwort Hydrosol
Natural herbs | Gentle hydration | Healthy moisturizing

Product Specifications: 40ml*1 (small bottle) + 30ml*3 refill pouches, 130ml in total.
This is a natural herbal hydrosol that is carefully selected from herbaceous mugwort and extracted by ancient distillation for several hours.
The natural power of mugwort in skincare is deeply nourishing and warming, hydrating and nourishing, giving the skin a natural look as if it was "born beautiful", popular among those who are obessed with natural ingredients.