Aiaitie Mugwort Essential Oil Set


草本配方 清香怡人 清透不腻

产品规格:10ml/瓶 3瓶/盒 立即选购


Aiaitie Mugwort Essential Oil Set
Herbal formula | Pleasant fragrance | Translucent and non-greasy
Product Specifications: 10ml/bottle | 3 bottles/box

This set contains 3 types of essential oils, including the Moisturizing & Relaxing Synergy Blend, Refreshing & Soothing Synergy Blend, Warming & Pampering Synergy Blend.
The product is a natural plant extract, rich in a variety of botanical ingredients, and is a natural product for both body and face care, meeting the needs of modern day skin care, spa and massage, and is even more effective when used with moxibustion.
It can be used to “open” acupuncture points before moxibustion to enhance the feeling of moxibustion, or with massage. When using, take an appropriate amount of oil into the palm of your hand, quickly rub your hands back and forth to warm them up, apply to the skin of your shoulders, neck, back, waist and legs and massage to let the skin absorb the essence of the oil.
For the face, take an ample amount of oil into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm it up and massage it into the skin of your face.